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analogix technology

Analogix is the leading supplier of high speed digital audio/video interfaces for portable devices. Using standard technologies, like DisplayPort and HDMI as a foundation, Analogix applies its expertise to provide the optimal visual quality and performance at the lowest power budget, ideal for battery powered devices.

DisplayPort is an innovative, packetized digital interface for high-resolution video and audio. For more information visit

HDMI is the most popular digital video interface for TVs. For more information visit

Analogix SlimPort® products, based on DisplayPort technology, allows mobile devices to share theater quality audio and video on the big screen. For more information, read the SlimPort white paper and the SlimPort FAQ.

Analogix CoolHD™ technology is a zero power HDMI transmitter that allows notebooks and other mobile devices to recycle power for maximum battery performance. Used in conjunction with SlimPort products, CoolHD allows mobile devices to remain charged while running content on the big screen. For more information, refer to the CoolHD white paper.